When manually entering in the license path it is important to remember a "\" at the end of your entry, this is not a concern if you browse via the "..." to search for the file, however if you manually copy and paste the location the trailing "\" may not be included. For example The path should read P:\License\, if you enter in P:\License it does not populate the license correctly. 

Loop-Pro Developer Floating License

The “Shared” Floating License File (FILENAME) must be stored on a mapped windows drive, not a UNC based drive.  The License File (FILENAME) must be able to be access via a drive letter and directory structure (i.e.: Z:\LP_LICENSE\FILENAME).  The client PCs must have FULL access to this directory (Create/Read/Write/Delete).  The initial activation of the License File must be done from a Remote Client that is accessing the file from the mapped drive.  All subsequent client MUST access the License File from the SAME path.  If the client accesses the license file from a different path (S:\LP_LICENSE\FILENAME) the license will appear deactivated.  The path of the initial activation is stored in the license file, and when the software is launched, the path to the license file is compared to that stored in the license file.



Tracking Number of Instances

 Each time LOOP-PRO is opened, a semaphore file is created in the License File path (hence the Create Credentials).  To track the number of instances of the application currently running, LOOP-PRO counts the number semaphore files in the license directory, if the number of semaphore files is less than the allowed seats, LOOP-PRO will be allowed to launch.  When LOOP-PRO closes, it automatically removes the semaphore file from the license file directory.  If the application closes unexpectedly or access to the shared drive is removed, the semaphore file will be orphaned and may need to be removed manually.  When the client LOOP-PRO that had an orphaned license file is re-launched, it will clean up its own orphaned license files. 


If this solution does not work, or if you expirence dificulty please do not hesitate to create a Help Desk Ticket from https://controlstation.freshdesk.com/support/tickets/new