The Rockwell Edition of Loop-Pro Tuner can to connect to any PID Model for live tuning, as long as the Tuner product version matches the PID OEM. If the loop to which you are trying to connect is not identified when the OPC server is scanned, this may be caused by the following:

1. In order to connect to a loop, the controller must be contained within an OPC topic in RSLinx.  If the loop is not identified when scanning the OPC, it may not be configured in a topic.See: Create OPC Topic

2. If you are trying to connect to a SLC 500 or PLC-5 Integer controller, the Loop-Pro Tuner software is not able to identify these controllers during the loop scan.  To connect to the loop, the controller must be added as a Favorite.  See: Connecting to a SLC500 or PLC-5 Controller

3. The controller may use a signature that is not recognized by the Loop-Pro Tuner software (i.e. custom add-on instruction).  If this is the case, the signatures must be added to the signature file.  See: Connecting to a Custom AOI

If none of the above options correct the issue, you may be experiencing OPC connectivity issues.  If this is the case, contact your IT department for assistance.

If you have additional questions, please do not hesitate to create a Help Desk Ticket from