This Solution applies to v1.0.5150.27467 of the Enterprise License Manager for LOOP-PRO TUNER (Rockwell Automation Edition) v1.8.X

Symptom: When requesting a license from the Loop-Pro TUNER Configuration tool, a window stating "Object Not Found" is displayed.

Cause:  In some installations, the SQL CE v4.0 Driver Files do not get correctly registered during the installation process.

Solution: To resolve this issue, perform the following steps on the server on which the Enterprise License Manager is installed: 

1) Download and install the appropriate SSCE Runtime files attached to this solution (either x64 or x86, depending on the server type).

2) Download and overwrite the service_app_base.xml that is attached to this solution, and place in the Enterprise License Manager application directory (C:\Program Files\CS License Manager).

3) Launch the CS Enterprise License Manager from the the Start Menu.  On the "Setup Service" tab, STOP the Service, enter in the appropriate port and select "SET."  Select "Start" to restart the License Service.

Launch the TUNER Configuration Tool, and attempt to check-out a license.

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